Adventure-Based Parenting

You don’t have to send your child to boarding school, wilderness therapy, or residential treatment!

While there are some really great programs out there, our focus is on early intervention, providing coaching for parents, and working to build family strengths at home and in the community. We do most of our work with families who are just looking for more effective ways to address some challenging or frustrating behaviors and family patterns, and families who are looking for a new way to engage together.

For two decades, we have been working with families, both directly with children and teens, but primarily from the parenting perspective. The parenting role is incredibly challenging, and our society does not make this any easier. With each of the hundreds of families that we have served, our role as guides and counselors has remained the same; but the landscape (the pressures, technologies, etc) has greatly changed over these 20 years. We have changed, too. We have been shaped by stories, tragedies, and triumphs. We have raised, and are raising, our own children; and naturally, this tempers our experience.

Adventure-Based Parent Coaching

12-Week Coaching Intensives

Adventure-Based Parenting revitalizes relationships, motivates an active lifestyle, and fosters long-term connection between parents and their children/adolescents.

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We often are asked about the various options available to families, and we have experience working in each of these types of programs. Our family-focused intensive coaching program is NOT a fit for everyone, and that’s important to note; and here are some things to compare when making the decision to begin looking into a family or youth program.
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