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Adventure-Based Parenting focuses on your strengths, and challenges each family in areas where we can grow stronger.

We’re global, and we’re looking forward to hearing from anyone who seeks to build resiliency in their children, renew/restore relationships, and build a legacy of long-term trust and respect.

Anie, Parent Ambassador in Poland.

“It’s not always easy to talk things through, come with agreements, share the same vision but it is definitely valuable to seek the common ground. If things go too rough and tough we always use a stepping-stone, which in our case is one thing that makes us all happy= going out to eat.

When stomachs are filled it’s easier to talk. 😄

This week task was quite a challenge but as we brainstormed, we came up with all kinds of things we all have in common; from laughter to farting when we get nervous, from creativeness to time we all need just by ourselves separately so as to chillax. We certainly are a unique family, most of the things we do are odd, different, which does not mean that they are wrong. We are just doing them best we can and some of them we simply do our way. “Thank you for being there for me and giving me the support. I feel so much stronger.

My daughter made this confession last night, crying and hugging closely tight. Life has not been easy for her and all of us many times, but surely it’s not boring. Plenty of challenges on different levels. For the whole past year I have been scratching my head how can I make my 2 kids get along better but the more I tried the more I had a feeling that I am losing.

Not so long ago I decided to take part in the project called Adventure-Based Parenting which made so much difference immediately. It’s inspiring, challenging, makes me approach my kids differently and gives me an encouraging perspective even as a solo parent.”

Caleb & Jenn, Parent Ambassadors in Montana

“Just recently we joined Adventure Based Parenting since it’s all too true too much of the time that we fail at setting the culture we want in our family. Having worked in outdoor ministry at an adventure camp in western Montana the last 12 years, we have a lot of wants and hopes for our family. Its hard to create positive patterns without a “tribe” for accountability. There has been a disconnect between “ministry” and ministering to our family. We raised the white flag in defeat over the New Year as we realized we did not have the capacity to lead our high energy 6 year old. Home school wasn’t cutting it, so we enrolled her in public school. We felt a bit defeated and beat up. None the less, we decided to take a small step in joining an online community of like-minded parents who want to lead their family with the spirit of adventure, open communication, and critical thinking all the while embracing new challenges. This since has become more like a bold step!

We’ve started out by brainstorming what we want our family culture to look like and just had our first family meeting followed up by some rock climbing in the garage and hot cocoa to follow. Totally smooth? Nope. But a great start!

This weekend we faced some challenges on Saturday morning with a family storm when were attempting to get out and try something new as a family. In a digital age, it’s easy to show the amazing parts of “adventuring” without others seeing the nitty gritty of family conflict. We had a storm, but what we’re thankful about is committing to honesty, and giving/ receiving forgiveness. This is part of our whole story of why we have joined an Adventure Based Parenting course. Recognizing we are broken human beings in need of redemption.

So, here are some of my thoughts on Adventure Based Parenting through week 3:

1) Get ready for some storms. No more unspoken masquerades of silence. The Lord can redeem challenging times/ conflict for his Glory.

2) Perseverance is hard and needs some motivators. (yeah, I know its only week 3). Things like cocoa, Narnia, and climbing in the garage can be some awesome motivators.

3) Social Media and online classes… (like) any tools, have benefits as well as risks. In this case, they can help us share our story and invite others into it.”

Not a social media kinda guy…
Montana Parent Ambassador, Caleb.

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Wyn & Amy Lloyd, Parent Ambassadors in the United Kingdom

Daughter’s turn (for one-on-one adventures) today. Amazed how quickly we picked up paddling, only tears were when we had to come home as she wanted to keep going. Practiced some “front loading” with her today where before we started I got her to answer 1- what do we do if you get cold? 2 what do we do if we get hungry? 3 what do we do if you get angry and don’t know why? Interestingly the answer was the same for all 3 “Stop. Don’t shout. Get out the hot chocolate and snacks. Don’t paddle any more until I (daughter) eats and drinks something.

It worked! No blazing rows and because I asked our daughter what we should do when the tears came she told me, she eat something, the tears stopped and we paddled back together happily! Wooooo!
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Also saw kingfishers and rabbits and the beware you are entering Wiltshire totem…

Not so much time to head out for adventure today so we spent an hour doing circuits/obstacle course at the local football (“Soccer”, for you Americans) club on the way home from school. Managed to get our daughter to push some boundaries around heights and climbing which she was very chuffed to achieve. Some times we only have time for a little adventure but it’s still an adventure. Coffee, cake and a book/homework to celebrate.”

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